Seminars and workshops are selected by Radiowayconsultants and are always designed, written and presented by those with at least five years hands on experience rather than “generic” trainers from a bought-in course.

Consultancy is provided by Radioway based in Limerick, Ireland with associates in Galway, Dublin (Ireland) and in Slovakia

Some of our Consultants & Panel of Engineers have over 20 years Industry experience. Staff have worked in UK, Ireland, South Africa, Israel, USA, Switzerland, Germany and Kenya

Contact Details

emailmike at this domain

Skype available

Fax +353 (0) 61 240107

Ph +353 (0) 85 210 5613

Most seminars & workshops are at
Parnassus House,
Co. Limerick
Free pickup from Train or Plane included.
Overnight accommodation on site.

Other Information

We have no connection or Affiliation with Radioway Communication (USA) or Radioway Electronics (USA).