Seminars at Radioway

These seminars are mostly at Parnassus House, Co. Limerick.

Seminar Types

While the subject is the same; the depth, background, mathematics and emphasis is different according to Position/Function:

  • Engineers (Development)

  • Operational Staff

  • Direct Managerial

  • CEO / Investors

The Engineering seminars have tutorial, workshop/lab and group discussion sessions as well as the Lectures. Some subjects may involve site visits or “field work”. Each group should have a similar level of experience, so acceptance for a particular course can’t be assumed.

The seminar version for Managerial positions does not involve lab, tutorial or field work. There are group discussions and more emphasis on “cat herding” or Vendor de-hyping. Emphasis is on understanding and making judgements / planning on basis of Vendor or Engineering material. Many seminars would have special emphasis on what to ask Vendors or how to spot what they don’t tell you.

For senior management and Investors the material analyses Technical, Market and Deployment advantages and risks. Emphasis on where in the life cycle the technology is (Mature, becoming obsolete, niche, bleeding edge). The seminar would always examine CapEx and ROI. Some seminars examine Licensing and Royalty issues, either from in house development or buying in expertise.